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Rajasthan B.Ed District Wise Colleges Total Seats 2017, MDSU Ajmer

Rajasthan B.Ed District Wise Colleges Total Seats 2017, MDSU Ajmer

MDSU has invited application forms from the candidates who are seeking admission in B.Ed Course. Aspirants who want to make the career in Teaching Field have submitted the application Form. Rajasthan is famous for B.Ed College. There are many B.Ed colleges in Rajasthan. Candidates who have selected teaching as the profession have submitted the application forms. Candidates who are interested in teaching is a good opportunity as there are many colleges in the state of Rajasthan. B.Ed colleges in Rajasthan offers the best education for the candidates.

mdsu ptet rajasthan ba bsc bed total seats

Information On PTET Rajasthan B.Ed College Wise Admission 2017

Every year a huge number of aspirants takes admission in B.Ed Course. This year students are willing to take admission in top most B.Ed Colleges in Rajasthan. Aspirants will be admitted on the basis of a number of seats available. Details of all the college as per district wise will be released on the official website. MDSU Ajmer has listed the top most B.Ed College in the official website. Candidates of Rajasthan will be selected on the basis of performance in the entrance examination and number of seats available.


MDSU PTET  College Wise Seat Availability 2017

Entrance examination was conducted for getting admission in B.Ed Course. Based on the performance in the examination merit list will be prepared. Counselling will be held for selecting eligible candidates. Candidates have to select the college in which they have to take admission. There are many B.ED colleges in Rajasthan which offer B.Ed Courses for the students like Ajmer, Alwar, Banswara Karoli, Jodhpur, Kota, Jaipur etc. District Wise list of colleges will be available on the official website.

Click me to see website/portal of PTET and get the information on UOK district wise college admission.

For more details about the list of colleges, a number of seats available kindly visit the PTET official website.

District Wise B.Ed College List

District Colleges/Institutes Name
Ajmer M.D.S University
Ajmer Rajkiya Uchh Adhayan Shiksha Sansthan
Ajmer Arya Narayani Devi T T College
Ajmer Balasati Ji Mahila T T College
Ajmer Bright India Mahila T T College
Ajmer Maa Saraswati Shiksha Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Ajmer Narayana T T College
Ajmer Rama Devi B.ED College
Ajmer S M S Mahila T T College
Ajmer S S Rathore Memorial T T College
Ajmer Sant Stepin Educational Society
Ajmer Shree Mishri Lal Dubey Mahila T T College
Ajmer Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Women Teachers Training College
Ajmer Suraj Narayan Pareek Girls T T College
Ajmer Tagore T T College
Alwar Agrsen Mahila T T Sansthan
Alwar Alwar T.T. College
Alwar Anand Teachers Training College
Alwar Arya Mahila T T College
Alwar B R T T College
Alwar B.R. T.T. College
Alwar Baba Bhagwan Das T T College
Alwar Baba Khetanath Mahila T T College
Alwar Baba Shri Narayandas Shikshak Prakshishan Mahila Mahvidhyalay
Alwar Bal Bharti T T College
Alwar Saraswati T T College
Alwar Sarbati Devi T T College
Alwar Seth Prahlad Institute of Education
Alwar Swami Keshwanand Mahila T T College
Alwar Thakur Durg Pal Singh Memorial T T College
Alwar Vedic Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Alwar Vivekanand Mahila Sikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Banswara Bharti Vidhya Bhawan B Ed College
Banswara Bhartiya Vidhya Mandir T T College
Banswara Mahatama Gandhi T T College
Banswara Shri Mahaveer B.ED. College
Baran Bharat Mata T T College
Baran Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Women T T College
Barmer Jai Narayan Vyas Mahila Sikshak Prashikshn Mahavidhyalay
Barmer Mahesh Mahila T T College
Barmer Mahesh T T College
Barmer Marudhara Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Bharatpur Anand Mahila T T College
Bharatpur Arya Vidyapeeth Mahila T T College
Bharatpur Bharti Teachers Training College
Bharatpur Choudhary Jagan Singh Educational Institute
Bharatpur HD Teachers Training Institute
Bharatpur Khandelwal Teachers Training College
Bharatpur Laxmi Teacher Training Mahila College
Bharatpur Maa Kasturba Gandhi Mahila T T College
Bharatpur Maharaja Agrasen T T College
Bharatpur Maharaja Surajmal T T College
Bharatpur Mahatma Gandhi Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Bharatpur Maruti Nandan Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Bharatpur Mother Teresa Mahila Teachers Training College
Bharatpur Parsuram T T Colleg
Bharatpur Shree Agreshen Shikshak Mahila T T College
Bharatpur Shree Bajrang T T College
Bharatpur Shree Bakey Bihari Kanhilya Lal Mahila T T College
Bharatpur Shree Krishna Educational Institute
Bhilwara Annuvrat Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahvidhyalaya
Bhilwara Gandhi Shishak Mahavidhyalaya
Bhilwara Greenvalley College of Education
Bhilwara Kanchan Devi T T College
Bhilwara Maha Prabhu Swami Ram Charan Kanya Vidhyapeeth
Bhilwara Pearl T T College
Bhilwara Shreeje Teachers Training College
Bhilwara Smt Narayani Devi Verma Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Bikaner Rajkiya Uchh Adhayan Shiksha Sansthan
Bikaner M.N. Institute of Teachers Training
Bikaner Maa Karni B Ed College
Bikaner Murli Singh Yadav Memorial Prashikshan Sansthan
Bikaner Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay T T College
Bikaner Pink Model T T College
Bikaner Rajasthan Mahila T T College
Bikaner Rajasthan Teachers Training College
Bikaner Rastriya Uday T T College
Bikaner Shree Adarsh B Ed College
Bikaner Shri Jain Adarsh Kenya Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidalaya
Bikaner Shri S.R. Shikshan Sansthan
Bikaner Swami Vivekanand College for Professional Studies
Bundi Azad Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Bundi Dr Kesav Ram Bali Ram Hedgwar T T College
Bundi Indira Gandhi T T College
Bundi LashyadeepT T College
Bundi Raghukul T T College
Bundi Sarvodya T T College
Bundi Shri Ganpati Adarsh T T College
Chittorgarh Bahubali Shikshan Sansthan
Chittorgarh Bhagwati Mahila T T Mahavidhalaya
Chittorgarh Meera Mahila B Ed College
Chittorgarh Mewar Girls College of Teachers Training
Chittorgarh Mewar T T College
Chittorgarh R N T B Ed College
Chittorgarh RNT College of Teachers Education
Chittorgarh Sardhalaya Women T.T. college
Chittorgarh Shradhalaya Janjati T T College
Chittorgarh Shri Nath Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Churu Abhilasha T T College
Churu Adrash Mahila T T College
Churu Asha Devi College of Education (110C019)
Churu Buniyadi Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Churu C R Memorial T T College
Churu Career T T College
Churu Choudhary B Ed College
Churu Choudhary M S Memorial TT College
Churu Department Of Education (B Ed), I A S E, Deemed University
Churu Dev Teacher Training College
Churu Idiyal Public Sikshak Santhan
Churu India Mahila T T College
Churu Indian T T College
Churu Jasveer Memorial T T College
Churu Kotahri T T College
Churu Laheri T T College
Churu Lords International T T College
Churu Mala Ram Kothari T T College
Churu Modren T T Mahila College
Dausa Mahatama Gandhi Teacher Training College
Dausa Om Shiv Mahila T T College
Dausa Prassasvi T T College
Dausa Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay Smriti Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Dausa Pt. Badri Prasad T T College
Dausa Rajasthan B.ED College
Dausa Sanjeevan College of Teaching Education
Dausa Saraswati College of Teachers Training
Dausa Shree Ramswaroop Agarwal T T College
Dausa Shri Agrasen Mahila T T College (129W015)
Dausa Smt Mota Devi Teachers Training College
Dausa Sw. Moolchand Meena T T College
Dausa Uma Mahila T T College
Dausa Universal T T College
Dausa Vikramaditya Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Dholpur B R College of Education
Dholpur Brijesh Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Dholpur D R M College
Dholpur Maharana Pratap T T College
Dholpur Prakash Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalaya
Dholpur Rishi Galav T T College
Dholpur S.N. College of Education
Dholpur Shri Kanhiya Lal College of Teachers Education
Dholpur V K Tyagi T T College
Dholpur Vansh Higher Education Institute
Dholpur Vardhman T T College
Dholpur Vivekanand Mahila Sikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Dungarpur M.B. Mahila T T College
Dungarpur Mahant Shree Raghunandan Das Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalaya
Hanumangarh Arya College of Education
Hanumangarh B R Choudhary T T College
Hanumangarh Baby Happy Modern Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya
Hanumangarh Bal GangadharTilak Shiksha Sansthan
Hanumangarh Choudhary Mani Ram College of B Ed
Hanumangarh Choudhary P R Teachers Training College
Hanumangarh Choudhary Parma Ram Godara T T College
Hanumangarh Choudhary T T College
Hanumangarh D.R. Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Hanumangarh G V College of Education (CTE)
Hanumangarh Geeta Jyoti T T College
Hanumangarh Indira Gandhi Memorial B Ed College
Hanumangarh Indra Priyadarshini T T College
Hanumangarh Karuna T T Mahila College
Hanumangarh M D B Ed College
Hanumangarh M S D College of Education
Hanumangarh Manav Mangal Women’s College of Education
Hanumangarh Mohanlal Sahiwal Smriti Institution
Hanumangarh Sanskar International Mahila T T College
Hanumangarh Sanskar T T College
Hanumangarh Saraswati Mahila T T College
Hanumangarh Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Hanumangarh Shri Baba Mast Nath Institute of Educational Training & Research
Hanumangarh Swami Vivekanand Shiksha Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Hanumangarh Times Mahila Shiksha Mahavidhyala
Hanumangarh Vivekanand T T College
Jaipur A N B Ed College
Jaipur Acharya Chanakya Shiksha Pratishthan
Jaipur Adrash B Ed College
Jaipur Adrash Balshala Mahila T T Kendra
Jaipur Agarwal T T College
Jaipur Ahinsa T T College
Jaipur Akashdeep T T-Girls College
Jaipur Alankar Mahila B.Ed College
Jaipur Anuradha Mahila T T College
Jaipur Bagru T T College
Jaipur Bharti Vidhypeeth T T College
Jaipur Biff & Bright T T College
Jaipur Biyani Girls B Ed College
Jaipur Bright Future T.T. College
Jaipur Bright Moon T T College
Jaipur Cambridge Court College of Education
Jaipur Chatterpati Shiva Ji T T College
Jaipur Choudhary T T College
Jaipur D C S T T Mahila College
Jaipur Deep International College of Education
Jaipur Deep Shikha T T College
Jaipur Dev B.ED Girls College
Jaipur Sadguru Institute of Professional Education
Jaipur Sahid Bhagat Singh Mahila T T College
Jaipur Saint Joseph T T College
Jaipur Sand Dunes B Ed College
Jaipur Sanjay T T College
Jaipur Sanskar Bharti Mahila T T College
Jaipur Sant Jogendra Teacher Training College
Jaipur Sant Kabeer T T College
Jaipur Saraswati B Ed College
Jaipur Sarbati Devi Women TT College
Jaipur Savitri Bai Phule Shikshak Prashikshan Mahila Mahavidyalaya
Jaipur Seva SikshaK T T College
Jaipur Shankara Institute of B.Ed.
Jaipur Sharda T.T. college
Jaipur Shiv Saraswati Mahila T T Colege
Jaipur Shree B L Memorial T T College
Jaipur Shree Sharma Shikshak T T College
Jaipur Shree Shirdi Sai Baba Mahila T T College
Jaipur Shri Agrasen PG Education College
Jaipur Shri Bharti T T College
Jaipur Shri Bhawani Niketan T T College
Jaipur Shri Kalyan T T College
Jaipur Shri Kalyan Teachers Training College
Jaipur Shri Krishna T T College
Jaipur Vasundhra Mahila T T College
Jaipur Vidhyagram Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhalaya
Jaipur Vidyasthali Mahila T T College
Jaipur Vinayak T.T. College
Jaisalmer Ma Durga Shikshan Sansthan Mahila T T College
Jaisalmer Pokran T T College
Jaisalmer Ramdev T T College
Jalore Lord Shiva Girls Teachers Training College
Jalore Munni Shri Kamal Vijay Ji M-Sa T T College
Jalore Shree BhagwanMahaveer B Ed College
Jalore Shri Shanti Nath Vidhya Bharti T T College
Jalore Sundha Mata Mahila T T College
Jalore UK Singh Dewal Memorial Teacher Training Sansthan
Jhalawar Darshan T T College
Jhalawar Dr Jakir Hussain M M Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Jhalawar Great India Teachers Training College
Jhalawar Millenium Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhalaya
Jhalawar Sigma Mahila B Ed College
Jhalawar Swami Vivekanand Shishak T T College
Jhalawar Tagore B Ed College
Jhalawar Vardhaman Shiksha Mahavidalaya
Jhalawar Vijayaraje Mahila T T College
Jhunjhunu Ambika Teachers Training College
Jhunjhunu Amman Teachers Training College
Jhunjhunu Baba Ganganath T.T. college
Jhunjhunu Balajee T T College
Jhunjhunu Bhanwar Kanwar Sugan Singh Shiksha Mahavidhyalaya
Jhunjhunu Career T T College
Jhunjhunu Dhatarwal Teachers Training College
Jhunjhunu Gangadhar Teachers Training College
Jhunjhunu Gopi Krishan Piramal T T College
Jhunjhunu Indian Girls College of Education
Jhunjhunu Indra Gandhi Bal Niketan T T College
Jhunjhunu Jiwani B Ed College
Jhunjhunu Kanoria B.Ed. College
Jhunjhunu Kanoria Girls B.Ed. College,
Jhunjhunu Maa Bharti T T College
Jhunjhunu Manu Oxford T T College
Jhunjhunu Mata Kesari Devi T T College
Jhunjhunu Modern T T College
Jhunjhunu Mrs Helena Kaushik Women’s Education College
Jhunjhunu Naresh T T College
Jhunjhunu Neelkanth Teachers Training College
Jhunjhunu New Indian T T College
Jhunjhunu New Rajasthan T T College
Jhunjhunu New Rajasthan Women T T College
Jhunjhunu Norang Ram Dayanand Dhukia T T College
Jhunjhunu Raj Shikshak Prashikshan Mahila Mahavidhyalay
Jhunjhunu Rajasthan T T College
Jhunjhunu Rajasthan T T College
Jhunjhunu Rajasthan T T College
Jhunjhunu Rakesh Teacher’s Training College
Jhunjhunu Ram Prasad Bohara B Ed College
Jhunjhunu Rama Devi Mahila Teacher Training College
Jhunjhunu S.N. Girls B.Ed. College
Jhunjhunu Saraswati Vidya Mandir B Ed College,
Jhunjhunu Sarvani Devi Mahila B Ed College
Jhunjhunu Seth Gyani Ram Bansidhar Poddar T T College
Jhunjhunu Seth Moti Lal T Education College
Jhunjhunu Shadi Lal Kataria Memorial Women’s Teacher Training College
Jhunjhunu Shri R.K. B.Ed. College
Jhunjhunu Tagore B Ed College
Jhunjhunu Varsha Teachers Training College
Jhunjhunu Vishwa Bharti B Ed College (115C047)
Jhunjhunu Yaduvanshi College of Education
Jodhpur Adrash Mahila T T College
Jodhpur Aman T T College
Jodhpur Ambika T T College
Jodhpur Atmanand T T College
Jodhpur Bharat Women B.Ed. College
Jodhpur Chopasani T T College
Jodhpur Dr Radha Krishan Women T T College
Jodhpur G S Jangid T T College
Jodhpur Gomi Devi Women T T College
Jodhpur Gyan deep Shodh Teachers Training College
Jodhpur Jai Narain Vyas University
Jodhpur Keru Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya
Jodhpur Kumodini Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Jodhpur Lucky Institute of Professional Studies
Jodhpur Maa Saraswati B Ed College
Jodhpur Mahila Teachers Training College
Jodhpur Mahipal T T College
Jodhpur Marwar B Ed College
Jodhpur Marwar T T College
Jodhpur Sanskar Mahila T T College
Jodhpur Shah Goverdhan Lal Kabra Teachers College
Jodhpur Shri Kheteshwar T T College
Jodhpur Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri B.Ed. College
Jodhpur Shri Sabal Mahila T T College
Jodhpur Shri Sainath Mahila Shikshak Shiksha
Jodhpur Sucheta Kraplani T.T. College
Jodhpur Thomas Kangan Memorial College
Jodhpur Trinity Women’s Teachers Training College
Jodhpur Vidhya Ashram Institute of Teachers Training
Jodhpur Vyas B Ed College
Karauli Bhagwan Mahaveer T T College
Karauli Mother Teresa Shikshak Prakshishan Maavidhyalaya
Karauli Nehru B Ed College
Karauli Nirmal Teachers Traning College
Karauli Rajasthan College of T T
Karauli Ramdulari Girls T T College
Karauli Shree Agrsen Mahila T T College
Karauli Sorabh College forTeachers Training
Karauli Veena Memorial College of Education
Karauli Vivekananad T T College
Kota Aklank College of Eduation
Kota Albert Einstien Women T T College
Kota Anasagar T T College
Kota Balaji Institute of Education
Kota Bharti T T College
Kota Children T T College
Kota Gopeshwar T T College
Kota Hitkari Sahakari Mahila Shiksha Mahavidhalya
Kota Jawahar Lal Nehru T T College
Kota Jawahar Lal Nehru T T College
Kota Kautilya Women T T College for Women
Kota L B S Women T T College
Kota Ma Bharti T T College
Kota Maharana Pratap T T College
Kota Maharishi Gautam T T College
Kota Om Kothari Institute of T T College
Kota P L Dubey Memorial College
Kota Pragati T T College
Kota Prashanti College of Education For Women
Kota R M Memorial Women’s T T College
Kota Ramanand T T College
Kota S K T T College
Kota Sarvodya Mahila T T College
Kota Sarvodya T T College
Kota Shri Krishna T T College
Kota Shri Ramakrishan Paramhans Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Kota Uma Shiv Memorial College of Education
Nagaur Adarsh Teachers Training College
Nagaur Agarwal Girls T T College
Nagaur Agarwal Sikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Nagaur B R Kabra Kuchaman Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Nagaur B R Khokhar Memorial T T College
Nagaur Bala Ji T T College
Nagaur Bhartiya T T College
Nagaur Choti Devi Memorial Girls B.Ed. College
Nagaur Dr Radha Krishan T T College
Nagaur Geetanjali B Ed College
Nagaur Gramothan Vidhyapeeth Sansthan
Nagaur Gurukul B Ed College
Nagaur Hind Teachers Training College
Nagaur Jai Marudhar Kesri B.Ed. College
Nagaur Jain Vishva Bharti Institute (119W028)
Nagaur Saraswati Shiksha Prakshishsn Mahavidhyalay
Nagaur Sarvodaya T T College
Nagaur Seema Memorial B Ed College
Nagaur Shahid Bhagat Singh Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalaya
Nagaur Shree Ganesh Chandra T T College
Nagaur Shree Madhav T T College
Nagaur Shree Rana Mahila Teachers Training College
Nagaur Shree Sainath T T College
Nagaur Shree Sawai Teachers Training College
Nagaur Shri Narayan T T College
Nagaur Tagore T T College
Nagaur Vaidanti Shiksha Mahavidalaya
Nagaur Veer Teja Ji Mahila T T College
Pali Bhartiya Vidhya Mandir Mahila T T College
Pali Guman Singh Memorial Mahila T T College
Pali Kanku VijayT T College
Pali Kasturba Gandhi Mahila T T College
Pali Keshav Vidyapeeth T T College
Pali Marwar Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Pali R.C. Memorial Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Pali Sajjan Shikshak T T College
Pali Saraswati Teachers Training College
Pali Shri Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Manav Hitkari Sang
Pali Smt. Rukma Devi Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Pratapgarh Mahila Vidhya Mandir T T College
Pratapgarh Modern Sunwasia Shiksha Samiti
Pratapgarh Sideshwar Vinayak T T College
Rajsamand Mahabalidani Pannadhay Mahila T T College
Rajsamand Maharishi Mahila T T College
Rajsamand Sant. Meera Mahila T T College
Rajsamand Shree Dwarkadheesh T T College
Rajsamand The Ankur B.Ed. College
Sawai-Madhopur Agarwal Mahila T T College
Sawai-Madhopur Bhagwati T T College
Sawai-Madhopur KBM T T College
Sawai-Madhopur Mahila Shiksha Gramin Mahila Vidhyapeeth
Sawai-Madhopur Radha Krishan T T College
Sawai-Madhopur Saraswati Mahila T T College
Sikar A.N. T T College
Sikar Adarsh Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Sikar Annpurna T T College
Sikar Aravali T T College
Sikar Arjun Ram T T College
Sikar Arya T T College
Sikar B P S T T College
Sikar B S Memorial B.Ed. College
Sikar Baba Narayan Das Mahila T T College
Sikar Baba Narsinghdas Mahila T T College
Sikar Baba Shyam T T College
Sikar Bagaria B.Ed College
Sikar Bhartiya Balika T T College
Sikar Bhartiya T T College
Sikar Bhartiya T T College
Sikar Bhartiya T T College
Sikar Choudhary Charan Singh Shiksha Samiti
Sikar Deen Dayal T T College
Sikar Excellence Girls Education College
Sikar Gandhi Vidya Mandir Mahila Teacher Training College
Sikar Gokulpura B Ed College
Sikar Jagan T T College
Sikar Jai Shree Dayal T T College
Sikar Jamna Girls B.Ed. College
Sikar L.N Institute of Teacher Education
Sikar Mahtama Gandhi T T College
Sikar Mandiya T T College
Sikar Marudhara Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Sikar Mohini Devi Goenka Girls T T College
Sikar Naveen Bharti B.Ed. College
Sikar Navjyoti Sikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Sikar Prince Academy of Higher Education
Sikar Prince Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Sikar Priya T T College
Sikar Subodh B Ed College
Sikar Sumitra Memorial Teacher Training College
Sikar Sunrise Gurukul T T College
Sikar Tagore Shikshak Prashikshan Sansthan
Sikar Tagore T.T. College
Sikar Trilok Singh T T College
Sikar Varda College of Education
Sikar Vardhman T T College
Sikar Vasundhara Mahila T T College
Sikar Vidhya Bharti B.Ed. College
Sikar Vinayak B. Ed. College
Sikar Vishwa Bharti B.Ed. College
Sikar Vivek Bharti T T College
Sikar Vivekanand T.T. college
Sirohi Dr Rajendra Munni B Ed College
Sirohi Gurukul Mahila B Ed College
Sirohi Sanskar T.T. College
Sirohi Shree Nath B Ed College
Sirohi Smt Chanderawal Gupta Mahila T T College
Sirohi Tajendra Prasad Secondary T T College
Sri Ganganagar Bharti Shikshak Prashikshan Sansthan
Sri Ganganagar Choudhary Mota Ram Meel Memorial College of Education
Sri Ganganagar D.A.V. Teachers Training College
Sri Ganganagar Dadhimathi Mahila T T College
Sri Ganganagar Geeta Co-Education Teachers Training College
Sri Ganganagar Gurmeet Singh Ghanshyam Dass B Ed Girls College
Sri Ganganagar Guru Hargovind Sahiba College of Education
Sri Ganganagar Gurukul Institute of Teachers Training & Research
Sri Ganganagar Harnam Das Lekhraj Institute of Education
Sri Ganganagar J B T T Institute
Sri Ganganagar M B M B Ed College
Sri Ganganagar M D M Co-Education B ed College
Sri Ganganagar Maa Saraswati T T College
Sri Ganganagar Sant Sri Pran Nath Parnami Teachers Training College
Sri Ganganagar Saraswati Shikshan Sadan Mahila T T College
Sri Ganganagar Seth Dharm Chand Institute of Teachers Trainig
Sri Ganganagar Seth Sushil Kumar Bihani Sanathan Dharam Siksha College
Sri Ganganagar Shiva College of Education
Sri Ganganagar Shree Shiv Co-education
Tonk Adrash T T College
Tonk Dev Kanya T T College
Tonk Dev Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Tonk Dr. Ambedkar T T College
Tonk Eklavya T T College
Tonk Eminent T T-Girls College
Tonk Motherland Girls T T College
Tonk Pannadhay Women T T College
Tonk Pt. J.P. Upadhyay T T College
Tonk Rajeev Gandhi T T College
Tonk Rekha Devi Memorial T T College
Tonk Saint Soldiers Women T T College
Tonk Shri Kalyan Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay
Tonk Shri Kalyan T T College
Udaipur Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan
Udaipur Aravali Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay
Udaipur Aravali T T College
Udaipur Arihant Mahila Teachers Training College
Udaipur Asian College of Education
Udaipur Chankya College of T T
Udaipur Hadi Rani T.T. College
Udaipur Indo-American Institute
Udaipur J R Sharma Girl’s T T College
Udaipur Mantram T T College
Udaipur S S College of Education
Udaipur S.S. College of Education
Udaipur Jawahar Vidhyapeeth Teachers Training College
Udaipur Wizdom T T College


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