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CG BAMS BHMS BUMS BNYS Cutoff 2019 ~Passing/Qualifying Marks

CG BAMS BHMS BUMS BNYS Cut Off 2019: The Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board (CGPEB) had released a notification for the BAMS/ BUMS/ BHMS/ BNYS Admissions 2019-20. The interested candidates can check the CG BAMS Admission Eligibility before register for the admission process. The CG BUMS Online Application Form 2019 available in the month of June & July 2019. The students can follow the below steps to register for the CG Vyapam BHMS Admissions 2019. The candidates registered for the Chhattisgarh BNYS Admission 2019 can have the entrance test for the selection. The officials planned to conduct the CG Vyapam BAMS Entrance Exam 2019 in August 2019.


The candidates appeared in the entrance test are need to get minimum cut off marks to get selected for further selection. The CG BHMS Entrance Cut off 2019 is the minimum qualifying marks for the entrance test. All the applicants are searching for the CG BUMS Entrance Cutoff 2019 to get an idea about the competition level. The aspirants can prepare well for the examination by using the CG BAMS Entrance Syllabus 2019, previous papers & cut off marks. The applicants can stay in touch with our web portal for more details of the above notification.

CG BAMS BHMS BUMS BNYS Cutoff 2019 ~Passing/Qualifying Marks

Association Name Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board (CGPEB)
Examination Name Admission Entrance Examination
Admission Courses BAMS, BHMS, BUMS & BNYS
CG BAMS Admission Application 2019 June & July 2019
Date of CG BHMS Entrance Exam 2019 August 2019
Article Category CG BNYS Entrance Cut Off 2019
Official Website Address www.cgvyapam.choice.gov.in

CG BAMS Entrance Exam Cut Off 2019

The candidates appeared for the entrance test can check their result on the official website. The cutoff marks are the minimum qualifying marks to get selected for the entrance test. The contenders who satisfying the cutoff marks only shortlisted in the CG BNYS Entrance Rank List 2019. The cutoff marks will be declared after the announcement of the result. The candidates can check the CG BHMS Entrance Expected Cutoff for reference. The students can check the CG BUMS Previous Cut Off Marks to get an idea about the cutoff marks. The officials will release the cutoff marks on the basis of

  • The number of applicants
  • The total available seats
  • Reservation criteria
  • Previous year cut off marks
  • The difficulty level of the exam & etc

Exam Pattern for CG BNYS Entrance Exam 2019

S.No Subjects Name Number of question Number of Marks
1 Physica 200 Questions 200 Marks
2 Chemistry
3 Biology/ Zoology

CG Vyapam BAMS Entrance Syllabus 2019

Structure of Atom: Constitution of the nucleus: Bohr’s atom model, quantum numbers and principle electronic configuration of elements: de-Broglie relation, shapes of orbitals.

Chemical Bond: Electrovalent, covalent and coordinate bonds, hybridization (sp): hydrogen bond: shapes of molecules (VSEPR theory): bond polarity resonance. Elements of VBT an M.O.T.

Solutions: Modes of expressing concentrations of solutions: Types of solutions, Raoult’s law of colligative properties, non-ideal solution, abnormal molecular weights.

Solid State: Crystal lattices, unit cells. Structure of ionic compounds close-packed structure Ionic radial, imperfections (Point defects): properties of solids

Nuclear Chemistry: Radioactive radiations: Half-life, radioactive decay, group displacement law. Structure and properties of the nucleus: Nuclear reactions, disintegration series, artificial transmutation: isotopes and their uses: Radio-carbon dating.

Chemical Equilibrium: Law of mass action Kp & Kc: Le-Chatelier principle & its applications.

Thermochemistry & Thermodynamics: Energy changes during a chemical reaction intrinsic energy, enthalpy; First law of thermodynamics: Hess’s law Heats of reactions; Second law of thermodynamics; entropy; free energy; the spontaneity of a chemical reaction, free energy change & chemical equilibrium; free energy as energy available for useful work.

Chemical Kinetics: Rate of a reaction, factors affecting the rate, the rate constant, rate expression, the order of reaction, first-order rate constant-expression and characteristics, Arrhenius equation.

Electrochemistry: Oxidation, Oxidation number & ion-electron methods, Electrolytic conduction, Faraday’s laws: voltaic cell, electrode potentials, electromotive force, Gibb’s energy, and cell potentials. The Nernst equation, fuel cell, commercial cells, electrochemical theory of corrosion.

Surface Chemistry. Colloids and Catalysis, Adsorption, Colloids (types preparation and properties). Emulsions, Micelles Catalysis: Types and characteristics.


Principles of Metallurgical Operations: Ore concentration, extraction, Furnaces, Purification metallurgies of Ag, Na, Cu, Al, Fe, Zn & Pb, and their properties.

Chemical Periodicity: s,p,d. and f-block elements, Periodic Table, periodicity, atomic and ionic radial valency, ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity, metallic character;

Comparative Study of Elements: Comparative, study of the following families of elements: (i) Nitrogen family (ii) Alkaline earth metals (iii) Alkali metals (iv) Oxygen family (v) Halogens (vi) Noble gases.

Chemical Analysis: Calculations based on acid-base titrimetry: Chemistry involved is simple inorganic qualitative analysis.

Transition Metals: Electronic configuration of 3d Metal ions, oxidation states, other general characteristic properties, potassium permagnate, potassium dichromate.

Co-ordination Compounds: Simple nomenclature, bonding & stability, classification and bonding in organometallics.


Calculation of empirical & Molecular formula of organic compounds, Nomenclature of organic compounds, Common functional groups, Isomerism, Structure & Shapes of Alkanes, Alkenes & Benzene.

Preparation properties and uses of Alkynes, Alkynes & Alkylenes, Benzene Petroleum, Cracking, Octane Number & Gasoline Additives.

Nomenclature, Physical Chemical properties, Correlation of physical properties with structures properties & uses of haloalkanes, Halobenzenes, Alcohols & phenols: General ideas of some poly-halogen compounds viz. dichloroethanes, dichloroethane, Chloroform, Carbon tetrachloride, D.D.T, benzene & Hexachloride.

Nomenclature, methods of preparation, Chemical properties, correlations of physical properties with structures & uses of ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids & their derivatives.

Polymers Classification: Preparation & uses of common natural & Synthetic polymers.

Biomolecules: Classification, Structures & Biological importance of carbohydrates, Amino acids, Peptides, Proteins & enzymes, Nucleic Acids & Lipids.

Steps to Get CG BUMS Entrance 2019 Admit Card

The admit card for the entrance test releases within one week before the exam schedule. The contenders can get their admit card by following the steps mentioned below. Without the admit card contenders not able to appear for the exam. The releasing date of the CG BAMS Entrance Hall Ticket 2019 intimated in our web portal. The CG BNYS Admission Call Letter 2019 can have the details of personal details of the candidate, exam schedule & venue of the exam.

  • Visit the official website address first.
  • Click on the admit card tab on the homepage.
  • Ans select the entrance exam link.
  • Then search for the link to Download Admit Card of CG BAMS/ BUMS/ BHMS/ BNYS 2019 Entrance Examination.
  • Enter the CG BAMS registration number, name & DOB.
  • Click on the submit option & then admit card displayed on the screen.
  • Download & take a printout of the hall ticket for reference.

Click Here to Download CG BAMS/ BUMS/ BHMS/ BNYS Entrance Admit Card 2019

The contenders can stay in touch with our web portal for details of CG BAMS/ BUMS/ BHMS/ BNYS Entrance Result 2019, merit list, counseling dates & others.

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